Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The heat continues as today will be another hot one at 90 degrees with increasing humidity. Certainly has been quite the summer, and may end up being the warmest on record. We have luckily missed all the very severe weather and Thunderstorms, with some occasional downpours. A rash of house fires in Woonsocket over the past several weeks, Olo St, Park Ave, Gilbert St, Mowry St to name the lastest. All this comes as Woonsocket quietly begins talk about closing another firehouse. Nonsense. With the taxes we have to pay, that is the LAST place they should be looking. Over the years they have already shut down Station 5 in Social and Station 6 in Fairmont. Enough is enough. WWII Memorial Park is going to Hades, hopefully the State will come through with planned upgrades for next summer. The heck with northern RI, keep the South County fully staffed for the politicos is the motto I surmise as the State House continues to place the burden of finances on the back of us taxpayers rather than cut the burgeoning payrolls that weigh down the budget year after year after year. Oh well, my morning rant is complete.

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