Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hurricane Earl Post Mortem

Hurricane Earl passed by New England with just over a half inch of rain here in Woonsocket. Cape Cod bore the brunt of the storm with upwards of 5 inches of rain around Hyannis, scattered power outtages and surely some beach erosion, rips and rough surf. Earl was a very large Hurricane in girth and that may have helped his demise. Off the SE coast as a Major Cat 4 Hurricane, his wide circulation began to feed in some dry air in the Carolinas helping to weaken the storm. There are many other reasons, but we are all lucky in the Northeast to have dodged a bullet. A Cat 4 making landfall would have caused perhaps damage unseen since the Hurricane of 1938. Everyone who checked their emergency kit, freshened up supplies and reviewed their emergency plans, kudos to you !!! Yes, not really needed this time, but there will be a "next" and it could be serious so never ignore the forecast, yes, things do change as Mother Nature is wont to do, but it is always wise to be prepared !!!

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