Saturday, September 3, 2011

Post Irene

Hopefully, all have had power restored, it has been almost a week. Reports are that 200 homes in Woonsocket still out, but that should be rectified by tomorrow, Sunday 9/4. We fared well here at the house, though we did lose power for some 35 hours. Did not lose any food, save a couple of cartons of ice cream, as we had made and stocked a good quantity of ice. The only saving grace, power outages during a tropical storm do not lend to worry about the furnace not working. The emergency kit is packed away in the basement for next time, hopefully a long way into the future, but with Hurricane Katia blowing in the far Atlantic, she bears close watching. The strongest wind here was 57 mph; rainfall total was 3.08". As is "normal" the wet side of the storm is the west or "left" and if you saw video of the floods that ravaged western MA< CT, and NY and VT and NJ, that held true, the "right" or east side is typically the windiest, and this is where the highest gusts were found. Thankfully, it was only a Tropical Storm, do not even want to think of the problems if Irene made a NE landfall as a Cat 2 or 3 !!!!

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