Thursday, February 4, 2010

February, Often offers a tantalizing hint of warmth !!!

The good thing about February is that the sun is beginning to quicken the pace at which it is making is way to the high point in the sky. Even on a relatively cold day like today, 29 degrees, one can finally believe that the sun is a warm object, LOL. But, like every February, the Atlantic is just about at its coldest so any storm coming up the coast probably would be a snow event. Oh, I forgot, there is a storm coming up the coast, on Saturday and actually another one forecast for next week. Hopefully, the forecasters are correct and the low pressure system will race out to sea after dumping a major snowfall on the mid Atlantic states Friday Night and Saturday. Looking at light amounts here in Rhode Island, but a wary eye to be kept on such a system !!!
From a February, a long, long time ago, 1978, as we mark the Anniversary of the Blizzard of '76 in a couple of days. This shot is from the Providence Journal, and shows Interstate 195, at the Massachusetts/Rhode Island border. Guess which side Rhode Island is, LOL things have not changed very much, but hopefully, this weekend will NOT bring a repeat.


  1. Mis Typed: Should read Blizzard of '78 !!!!
    This dastardly computer ...

  2. Another Blizzard of 78 scene - this one from the Woonsocket Public Liabrary Historic Picture Collection

    I'm ready for winter to be OVER.