Sunday, January 10, 2010

Want to save $$$$ Use Coffee Filters !!!!!

Yup, those disposable paper filters that you can buy a ton of for cheap $$$ at your local dollar store. Here are some of the uses, and there are probably many you can think of. They are a LOT cheaper than paper towels !!!

1. Cover bowls and dishes in the microwave.
2. Clean windows, mirrors, chrome, they are lint free.
3. Protect good dishes with a filter inbetween each.
4. Filter wine when a cork breaks apart in the bottle.
5. Protect a cast iron skillet from rust.
6. Apply shoe polish, just crumble one up.
7. Filter cooking oil to recyle.
8. Weigh chopped foods
9. Hold tacos and other "finger foods"
10. Line a plant pot before addding soil
11. Poke a hole and prevent popsicles from leaking on kids clothes
12. Drain bacon
13. Sewing backing for embroidery and appliques
14. Put some baking soda in one and place in closet to absorb odor
15. Strain soup stock
16. Prevent drips when adding oil or fluids in your auto
17. Spoon rest
18. Sort out ingredients when prepping a stir fry and hold spices at the ready
19. Wrap Christmas ornaments for storage
20. Out of cotton balls, use to remove fingernail polish
21. Sprout seeds, dampen, fold and put in ziplock bag outside til sprouted
22. Blot pressed flowers, place between filters then inbetween heavy books
23. Cheap disposable bowls for snacks like chips, popcorn, etc.
24. Use in coffee maker to brew coffee !!!

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